Logistics management

Front room

A storage space designed to minimize the exposure to external pollutants for Inbound and outbound shipments.

Storage room for empty containers

Solution containers In cupboard boxes are stored In the abovementioned space, and Individual containers are stored here temporarily before being moved to the cleaning facility.

Pass box installed

An ultraviolet-based sterilizer used for Ingredients that are ready for mixture after measurement.

Access control

Changing room

antistatic clothing, shoes, hat, latex gloves and mask

Air shower

Dust cleaning for Individuals visiting the production facility and dirt removal from shoes using a sticky mat.

Pest management (quarantine contract)

Insect killer

An electrical device to kill flying Insects

Pest quarantine

The facility Is quarantined once a month to remove spiders, ants and rodents, and quarantine tapes are used for all exits.

Quality test

Reagents for testing

Ingredients and reagents used for experiments.

Real-time quality control

QC lab view from production room


Testing of Ingredients and finished goods by lot number

Production quality control

Sterilizing chemical reactor

Sterile water Is used after treating It at a temperature of 121 ‘C or higher.

Clean room

  • Weighing, mixing and manufacturing: Class 10,000
  • Storage room for container, Ingredient storage and laboratory: Class 50,000
  • Packaging and material warehouse: Class 100,000
  • Thermo-hygrostat systems Installed In warehouses (For materials and finished goods)

Automatic CIP process

Automatic cleaning of reactors, pipes and fillers using hlgh-temperature sterile water (at least 95*C)

Temperature / humidity control

Temperature / humldlty Is controlled on a real-time basis for all production facilities.