Saline solution for contact lens only

Medi lens washing solution

This solution can be used in the rinsing stage before wearing your lenses.

You can rinse all types of contact lenses, including soft RGP/Dream, one-time-use and circle color lenses.

Main ingredients
Polyhexamethylene Biguanide 20%
Colorless and transparent
Wetting and smooth of soft contact lens.
Dosing instructions
  • Rinse before wearing your contact lenses; clean them with cleaning solution and rinse using this solution.
  • Rinse after thermal and chemical disinfection. When contact lenses are disinfected thermally or chemically, rinse them with this solution
User instructions
1. Warning
  • Do not use for any other purpose without contact lens.
  • Not caring for contact lens and related products properly can lead to a serious eye problems. To use contact lenses and related products properly, you must follow the instructions provided by your eye doctor and the respective manufacturer. Eye problems such as corneal ulcers can cause acute loss of vision. If you experience eye discomfort, extreme tearing, vision decline and redness, stop use of the contact lenses and see your eye doctor. It is important for contact lens wearers to see their eye doctor as instructed.
  • Consult with your eye doctor about the use of any eye drop while wearing contact lenses.
  • Do not use for injection
2. Stop using the solution if you become sensitized to this product
3. Side effects.
Possible side effects in the eye include stinging, burning, irritation, more uncomfortable contact lens use then before, feeling that something is in the eye, extreme tearing, abnormal eye discharge, redness, blurred image, seeing rainbows or multiple images of an object high sensitivity to light or dry cornea. If you have any of these symptoms, remove the lenses. If the symptom or discomfort persists, check the lenses to see whether they were damaged. Do not use the damaged lens again. If the symptom persists in the presence of dirt on the lens surface, remove the lenses and see your eye doctor. The above symptoms can progress to infection, corneal ulcer and angiogenesis. It is therefore important to see your eye doctor for immediate treatment and to avoid serious eye problems.
4. General precautions
  • There is a report that smoking raise your ulcerative keratitis.
  • Wash your hands before handling contact lenses.
  • Remove one lens at a time and place it into the case to avoid confusing the right and left lenses.
  • After removing your lenses, always clean and disinfect them.
  • To prevent the solution being contaminated, do not touch the cap section of its container and keep the container closed if not use it.
  • After taking your lenses out of the case, rinse the case with clean waterand let it air dry. (Keep your contact lens case dean and replace it every 2-3 months.)
  • Make sure that cosmetics or hair spray does not come into contact with your eyes.
  • Keep the product out of the reach of children.
5. Precautions for application
  • Do not apply to the eye or ingest.
  • Always use fresh solution; do not reuse it
  • Keep the solution away from direct sunlight and do not use an expired product.
  • Do not heat it for storage.
Storage method
Airtight container, keep at room temperature (1~30*C)
Expire date
3 years from manufacturing date.

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